GaganDiPica Opening in Paris - Press Kit

17 March 2015

-Ιnitial creations

Deriving from a classical, artistic and ancient inspiration, these jewels mischieviously mix various civilisations from all over the world.

They are the result of the collaboration of two talented experts:

Francine Grünwald, a Parisian antique dealer, gallery owner and

Adam J. Yiagidis, cosmopolitan goldsmith and crystal expert.

Gagandipica draws its originality from their personal journey.

Francine Grünwald, founder of La Forêt Verte gallery, exhibits paintings, sculptures, photos but also Art Deco period, in which she is specialized. Initiating the Gagandipica adventure, there is her love for artists jewelry, from Calder to Man Ray, whom she exposed at Couvrat Desvergnes gallery along with Art Deco jewelry from the 1930’s (Després, Fouquet, Cartier, Van Cleef...). An other aesthetic reference is her personal collection of adornments and stones mostly gleaned travelling in India, Egypt, Morocco, Ladakh... Her self-made charms bracelets worked on a fashion designer as an ultimate triggering factor.

Adam J. Yiagidis, is a certified gemologist and diamondologist, member of Gem-A (Gemological Association of Great Britain) and a postgraduate degree designer. Athens born, he lives between London and Paris. With Gagandipica, he renews the ancient art of engraving and cutting crystals, in which he excels.

The collection for women sets a dialogue without frontiers between Egyptian, Scythian and Greek amulets, charms, or Chinese, Inca, Mayan, Aztec mythologies...

An invitation to travel through time and space.

The combination of semi-precious stones and 24 carat gold gilded bronze creates an expression of one’s life and times. The line for men presents bracelets, earrings and cufflinks, made-to-order.

The crystals are primarily chosen among Sufis in India. The duo also unearthed true turquoises, increasingly rare. The metal is worked up accurately and even clasps are conceived as miniature sculptures.

Wearing these creations, one appropriates an ancestral light of life, projecting it to the heart of the twenty-first century. ”Gagandipica” means ”light of life” in one of the 860 languages of India. Which one? It’s a mystery... a key ingredient of jewelry’s magic.

The furniture designed by the sculptor Laurent Chauvat and the white Thassos marble displays form the unique setting of this first exhibition.

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