Spectroscopic Analyses of Precious Stones

Spectroscopic Analyses of Precious Stones
Spectroscopic Analyses of Precious Stones
Spectroscopic Analyses of Precious Stones

We are equipped with the Gemmoraman 532SG spectrometer of scientific rank, which carries out Gemological tests and analyses of any gemstone with accuracy and safety.

Its exclusive software, CrystalSleuth software, with a library of >5000 minerals, automates processes and while its main purpose is material recognition, it has numerous applications for separation of synthetic materials, detection of processes and color enhancements.

GemmoRaman-532SG™ has been built without compromise. The selected spectrometer is absolutely the best on the market - Ocean Optics QEPro. This thermoelectric cooled CCD spectrometer has an excellent A/D conversion of 18 bits and provides practically quiet spectrums. The typical noise for a second exposure time is about 0.5 (measurements in more than 200,000 measurements). To translate this technical terminology, the results are simply clear.

GemmoRaman-532SG™ represents the most advanced Photoluminescence(PL) and Raman Gemmographic Spectrometer currently on the market.

The GemmoRaman-532SG™ is based on the state-of-the-art Ocean Optics TEC spectrometer with scientific-grade cooling, capable of detecting smaller Raman and photoluminescence signals with an extremely high signal-to-noise ratio. Its extensive spectral range is specially adapted for diamond studies, allowing clear detection of important points of possible synthetic origin and/or radiation treatments.

GemmoRaman-532SG™ has gained great popularity among diamond laboratories as an important tool for the detection of synthetic diamonds manufactured by the CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) method article
and the detection of HPHT processing of natural type IIa diamonds. article

Some more examples of detection:

Determination of the emerald type with photoluminescence test. article

Jade - Identifying jade type and possible polymer impregnation. article

Separating natural unheated spinel from synthetic and heat treated spinel. article

Determining color origin of cultured freshwater pearls. article

Determining color origin of red coral & conch pearl. article

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