Valuation Reports

Valuation Reports

There are several reasons why you may ask for or want a statement of Valuation. The most common reason why valuations are sought is for insurance purposes. The overwhelming majority of the jewellery valuations produced are for insurance purposes.

Valuations for auction deposits, non-forced sale, forced sale, second-hand sale, private sale, divorce settlement, deceased's estate and the evaluation of quality are some of other types of valuations that can be produced.

The cost will depend on the number of pieces you have to evaluate, the complexity of the evaluation and the level of experience of the professional who performs it. It is the hours of work required to carry out the exhibition and not the value of the jewellery that determines the cost. Most of them are between 50-150 euros.

VeniKonos Valuation Report is a document containing a complete description of each object to be examined, a photograph of high definition and resolution, measurement and recording the quality of the item and weight of the precious metal, the size, color and purity of the all precious stones as well as the price of its replacement on the day of the certification.

Valuation Reports must be updated periodically over the years in order to keep their values up to date and relevant. Some insurance companies are asking for evaluations to be repeated at regular intervals. It is generally suggested that this should be done every 3 to 5 years.

Quality Certificates and Jewellery Valuation Reports should always be created by professionals with credentials and experience. They are important and valuable documents that are made to add information and knowledge to the experience of buying and possessing jewelry. Neither is necessary to enjoy a beautiful ring or necklace, but both can add to the enjoyment and understanding of a superb jewelry.

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